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NHVR expands access to EWDs

The national regulator now allows two more work diary options on various phones

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) is making electronic work diaries (EWDs) available to more members of the transport industry.

EWDs are now available on more devices as part of the NHVR approving the first device agnostic EWD in Hubfleet EWD, while the regulator also approved Step Global’s Smart eDriver diary for use on specific Apple devices.

NHVR fatigue specialist Andreas Blahous says the approval of these two EWDs further expands the range of mobile devices that drivers can use with EWD software.

Blahous says this has the potential to allow more drivers to use existing mobile devices as EWDs, opening the EWD process for more industry members.

“We have approved the Hubfleet EWD software for use on any mobile electronic device, so long as that device meets a range of minimum specifications and outputs,” Blahous says.

“Smart eDriver 2.0 by Step Global can also be used on the Apple iPhone 8 and the sixth generation Apple iPad.”

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Blahous says in the past 18 months the NHVR has approved seven EWD providers ready to be sold commercially and utilised legally by heavy vehicle drivers in place of written work diaries.

The NHVR fatigue specialist says the EWD expansion may only continue in future.

“We expect this to continue to grow, making it easier for providers to add more devices and reducing the cost on operators and drivers,” Blahous says.

The NHVR reminds drivers that they are still required to use an approved EWD to record work and rest hours.

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