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NHVR continues overheight vehicle investigations to uphold chain of responsibility obligations

Another overheight truck investigation has allowed the NHVR to reiterate a timely message before Christmas

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) has revealed that its focus on overheight vehicles, particularly in NSW, is continuing as it reminds operators of their Chain of Responsibility obligations.

Earlier this year, the NHVR began investigating an incident where a heavy vehicle carrying portable airplane stairs hit overheight warning dongles on General Homes Drive in Mascot, Sydney before stopping at the entrance of the Airport Tunnel.

When stopped, the heavy vehicle and load height were measured at 4.58m, with the permitted height being 4.3m, as the NHVR ended up settling at an alleged height of 4.55m.

The NHVR then began investigating the Chain of Responsibility obligations that the transport company had, as well as the compliance with the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL).

Continuing its focus on overheight vehicles, the NHVR found that the company lacked in its business practices and the training of drivers, with the company issued an improvement notice.

The investigators then found the loaders were unable to supply evidence of training, policies and procedures for loading and dimensions to ensure HVNL compliance.

The loader company also received an improvement notice relating to mass, dimension and loading management.

The NHVR is using this example to urge all operators and drivers to be proactive in measuring the height of their loads before and throughout the trip while also advising operators to plan journeys ahead of time to ensure compliance with tunnel height clearances.

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