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NHVR clarifies work diary exemption rules

Regulator says there is still confusion in the industry over driver’s requirements in fatigue management compliance


The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) is ramping up its information campaign on electronic work diaries and fatigue management.

In an Industry Update published yesterday, it says changes to the heavy vehicle national law are still being confused by some parts of the industry.

For example, it warns that the fatigue management scheme for farmers was tailored to specific freight tasks, and may not apply to all transport operations or journeys.

“Professional operators and drivers have an obligation to know and understand the laws that apply to them, and it is important to always check that any information applies to their specific circumstances,” the update advises.

One of the most common points of confusion involves the requirements for work diaries under the heavy vehicle law.

The NHVR says drivers need to not just carry their work diaries, they must be completed.

Only two exemptions apply: if the driver is working within 100km of their base, or working within 160 km of their base and eligible for the national primary production work diary exemption.

“It is important to note however that a driver who has worked outside of these circumstances in the previous 28 days is still required to carry their work diary with them,” the update says.

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