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NHVR announces new operation targeting fatigue breaches

The NHVR has launched a new operation that will look into fatigue-related breaches in one major Australian state

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) is urging heavy vehicle drivers to remain vigilant with their National Written Work Diary (WWD) or Electronic Work Diary (EWD) and follow work and rest requirements.

A state-wide operation was triggered in New South Wales after a considerable number of penalty notices issued in NSW were found to be linked to fatigue related offences. 

NHVR Director of Operations Central Region Brett Patterson says the operation is crucial to promote compliance, reduce fatigue related incidents and will target drivers who fail to comply with work diary requirements.

“Driving a heavy vehicle while feeling sleepy, physically or mentally tired, or lacking in energy, is a major safety hazard,” Patterson says. 

“Falling asleep behind the wheel can be disastrous, but even a brief lapse in concentration can have serious consequences.

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“Australia’s road toll is rising rapidly in almost every state and territory and it is imperative we take additional measures to ensure safety on our roads. 

“NHVR on-road officers will be patrolling locations frequented by long haul intrastate and interstate heavy vehicles across the state.”

NHVR places a strong focus on educating heavy vehicle drivers on the main causes of fatigue, and wants drivers to know some of the main signs can include: 

  • A lack of alertness
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Drowsiness, falling asleep or micro-sleeps
  • Difficulty keeping your eyes open, excessive head nodding or yawning
  • Blurred vision
  • Near miss or incident
  • Not keeping in a single lane
  • Not maintaining a constant speed
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