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NHVR advises on heavy vehicle defects update and fine increases

The NHVR has updated what constitutes a heavy vehicle defect on its website while also raising certain fees and fines

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) has provided an update on multiple areas of work while also alerting the industry to impending fine increases.

From July 1, NHVR access permit fees will increase by $5, while the cost of a National Driver Work Diary will increase by $2 from $26 to $28.

Fees will also increase for the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme modules in line with CPI alongside HVNL penalties and fines.

While this happens, the NHVR has also provided an update on heavy vehicle defects.

The NHVR website now features new information on heavy vehicle defects, including safety, legal and administrative requirements.

The updates include a glimpse of what operators can learn constitutes a defective heavy vehicle, who can issue a vehicle defect notice and what to do when issued with a notice.

There’s also practical information on the different risk categories, defective vehicle labels, the continued use of a defective vehicle, non-compliance with a vehicle defect notice and how to clear a defect notice.

The NHVR notes there are different requirements for clearing a vehicle defect depending on where the vehicle is registered.

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