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New year brings rebate cut – but ATO helpline in the dark

Tax Office providing incorrect information on changes to diesel tax credits scheme brought in last week

By Samantha Freestone

The Tax Office is providing incorrect information on changes to the diesel tax credits scheme brought in on January 1.

ATN understands callers to the Australian Tax Office’s (ATO) help line have been incorrectly told the rate of the on-road fuel tax credit remains at 18.51 cents per litre.

But the rebate dropped to 17.143 cents on January 1 under the road pricing changes passed by transport ministers last year.

Duncan Loydell, Policy Adviser for the Australian Trucking Association (ATA), has discussed the inconsistency with the ATO and was told it would be rectified with the call centre immediately.

With ministers agreeing to hike charges on registration fees and the Commonwealth’s diesel excise, the rebate operators can claim has been cut.

The Federal Government were pushing to have the charge indexed, resulting in annual automatic rises, but blocks in the Senate forced them to fix the rate. The Government must now ask parliament for the right to increase the excise take on diesel.

Information providing correct advise on fuel tax credit rates as on January 1 can be found on the ATO website.

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