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New venture opens up opportunity for Victoria’s Ryans Transport

Ryans Transport's international logistics and shipping partnership with Intel Cargo is about keeping customers happy

Victorian transport operator Ryans Transport does what a lot of operators wish they could do: it’s stepped outside its comfort zone into international freight forwarding and supply chain management services.

Its new venture with international logistics and shipping provider Intel Cargo is just another way of keeping pace with industry trends.

Ryans knows that to keep customers happy it had to evolve, and that meant partnering Intel Cargo to help its 2,000 customers access international freight logistics solutions.

“Distribution is one of the biggest problems – it’s not just next door anymore, you can get access to anything from anywhere in the world and it’s happening now at this minute,” Managing Director Graham Ryan says.

“We thought we needed to be part of this as the world gets smaller in freight and logistics. We have ended up exploring things we never knew existed, imported things that we weren’t aware were being imported and all of a sudden we can help with the entire supply chain.”

Check out the February edition of ATN for the full story on Ryans Transport teaming up with Intel Cargo to provide international export and import services. Click here to secure your copy.

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