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New Shell gantry to cut B-double loading times

Additional gantry at Shell's Mackay terminal comes with four fuel-loading arms capable of loading various diesel products simultaneously

May 21, 2013

Shell has pumped $5 million into upgrading its Mackay terminal in north Queensland to cut the amount of time needed to load B-doubles.

Shell constructed an additional gantry bay dedicated to diesel supply and specific dosing equipment to allow the supply of Shell Diesel Extra fuel blend.

With four fuel-loading arms capable of loading various diesel products simultaneously and configuration to allow B-double access, Shell says the gantry significantly increases loading capacity.

“The new gantry will load a B-double in 15 minutes, compared to 25 minutes in the existing bay,” Shell General Manager of Supply and Distribution Scott Wyatt says.

“This gives us a 40 percent quicker turnaround, effectively reducing congestion and waiting times in and around the terminal.”

Shell says the availability of Diesel Extra to Mackay provides security of supply and offers more choice to customers in the region.

The new gantry follows the launch of two new diesel tanks at Mackay last July, which increased diesel storage capacity at the terminal by 38 million litres.

Shell says the investment in new infrastructure and storage is designed to meet growing customer demand for diesel in the Bowen Basin region,

“This state-of-the-art facility will improve and accelerate the distribution of Shell diesel products to our customers throughout the greater Mackay region, and it also gives Shell better ability to respond to demand peaks,” Wyatt says.

The gantry took six months to build and involved more than 50 people from 20 contracting companies including more than 10 local businesses.

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