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New service taps online retail for Fastway

Fastway Couriers launches a new, more cost-effective customer returns system especially effective for the online retail market

July 20, 2012

Fastway Couriers has launched a new, more cost-effective customer returns system especially effective for the online retail market.

Fastway Couriers CEO Richard Thame says the system, launched in late June this year, has proven an instant hit with online retailers.

“In its first month of operation, our returns system has been a welcome addition to our service offerings, in particular to the hundreds of eBay sellers who utilise Fastway to send goods to their customers,” Thame says.

Fastway’s returns service provides sellers and recipients with a convenient way to organise and pay for returns.

Returns can be sent from a third party location back to a seller, or to another nominated delivery address.

“For example, if a consumer decides to return a pair of shoes purchased online, they would normally contact the seller to organise shipping back to the item’s original location,” Thames says.

While this process would normally involve contacting the purchaser, organising the return, shipping the return and finally, receiving reimbursement, Thames says with the Fastaway system, it can all be done online.

“With our system, the retailer can facilitate all aspects of the return process by logging on to Fastway’s online portal,” Thames says.

“We then contact the recipient with return details and a downloadable label they can attach to the item.

“All the consumer has to do then is leave the item in a convenient place for courier pickup. It’s simple, easy and very efficient.”

Established in New Zealand in 1983, Fastway Couriers currently has some 1,200 Courier Franchisees and 63 regional depots across Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Northern Ireland and South Africa.

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