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New projects announced to support women in aviation

The federal government has announced four new project suppliers to support programs for the Women in Aviation initiative

Four suppliers are set to deliver new projects under the federal government’s Women in Aviation initiative.

Educating women and girls on the diverse aviation careers available, encouraging them to enter and remain in the industry, and shaping the culture of the aviation industry to be more inclusive are key three target areas of the new projects, which will be supplied by Gunggandji Aerospace, the Civil Aviation Academy Australasia (CAAA), Navigating Aviation and Aviation/Aerospace Australia.

The four projects are a result of an open tender process released in April that called for submissions to address key areas of the Women in Aviation Industry Initiative’s Strategic Action Plan.

Gunggandji Aerospace will deliver a program to empower First Nations students from 29 remote communities across Queensland to pursue careers in aviation.

The CAAA will provide learning, connection and a jobs community for women interested in or already in the industry.

Navigating Aviation will assist business owners, managers, chief pilots and engineers and supervisors to better understand how to manage, support and train women in the sector.

Aviation/Aerospace Australia will deliver three projects including surveys to identify what leaves women to leave the aviation industry.

It will also collaborate with the CSIRO to deliver resources, mentoring, site visits, career talks and hands-on demonstrations to schools from underrepresented backgrounds.

The new projects build on previously funded projects under the government’s Women in the Aviation Industry Initiative.

For more information on the Women in the Aviation Industry Initiative, click here.

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