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New milestone for Go People after rebranding

Courier startup raises over $2 million through crowdfunding


Crowd-sourced parcel delivery service Go People is optimistic about its future growth having raised more than $2 million in two round of crowdfunding over the last three months.

Previously named People Post, Go People offers single or bulk point-to-point deliveries using contract deliverers that it calls “runners”.

The deliverers range from young students to more mature individuals, who use its routing and grouping algorithms to find “easy” and “efficient” routes for bulk and on-demand jobs.

The company says this technique makes it easier for them to fit more deliveries into a day.

Go People is currently celebrating a new milestone – making 10,000 deliveries per month following 83 per cent month-on-month growth.

The news comes more than seven months after a failed attempt by mining firm Meteoric Resources to buy People Post.

After the deal fell through, People Post underwent a rebranding phase, with a new name and revamped technology including web and app-based platform for both senders and deliverers.

Recently, Go People managed to raise an additional $825,000 that is aimed to support its growth and improve its technology platform.

Go People CEO and founder Wayne Wang says the company is looking to capitalise on the rising demand for on-demand couriers.

“Since I started the business in 2014, I believed the courier model could be much more efficient,” he says.

“The fact we’ve had two successful funding rounds, 83 per cent month on month growth and seen significant demand on our platform, with more than 10,000 deliveries being made a month, it’s clear we’re heading in the right direction.

“This demand shows there is hunger for more flexible and convenient services among Aussie consumers.”

Wang says the rebrand better reflects the business and its stakeholders.

“As we look to expand into new markets both domestically and internationally, it was important our brand reflects our values and our people.

“We chose Go People because ultimately we’re in the business of empowering people and giving them more choice.”

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