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New interactive map for road trains in NSW

The new map allows operators to search for approved road train access by location


Roads and freight minister Duncan Gay has launched an interactive map that displays approved routes for all road trains in New South Wales.

The map includes both local council and state managed roads.

“This map provides the trucking industry with one consolidated source of route information for all road trains operating right across the state,” Gay says.

“This one map replaces the confusing maps the industry was expected to wade through and is yet another example of important changes the NSW Government is delivering to make it easier for trucking companies to do business in NSW.”

While the old version required truck operators to view static maps and lists of road train routes to understand the different routes approved for their type of road train, the new interactive map includes a search function for approved road train access by location and displays any restrictions on road train routes in NSW.

The government says it has been working with local councils to ensure the map accurately reflects approved structures such as bridges on local and regional roads.

For more details, visit the Roads and Maritime website.

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