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New camera technology to shape NSW freight industry

Transport for NSW says that its new camera technology will greatly benefit the NSW freight industry

Transport for NSW says that a trial with world-first camera technology will help better understand freight movements, reduce congestion, improve road safety outcomes and encourage more efficient deliveries. 

The machine learning traffic camera is seen as another tool that can be used to help manage freight volumes, which are expected to increase in NSW by 28 per cent by 2036 over a 2018 baseline.  

Transport for NSW says that high-definition pictures of heavy vehicles will be taken by the cameras. The vehicles are then classified into the type of vehicle in transit and the type of cargo being transported. 

Transport for NSW says that this heavy vehicle traffic information will enable it to better understand freight movements, with the aim of assisting long-term planning for the movement of goods in NSW. 

Transport for NSW says that the cameras will not be used for enforcement or monitoring people or private vehicles. 

Transport for NSW has also announced that a new version of these cameras is set to be installed on Moss Vale Road, in Kangaroo Valley this week.

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