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New bridge opened in Tasmania’s north-west

Works to succeed the old Cam River Bridge with a safer, more weather-hardy replacement have been completed

Tasmania’s Cam River Bridge Project is officially complete following a final inspection and the activation of traffic signals. 

The activation of the signals on June 4 was the final stage of the $20 million project, which was aimed to better withstand flooding. 

The new bridge is founded on 22 concrete piles that range from a depth of 11-30 metres and are set two metres into the rock below the river. 

The new bridge is also taller, has wider lanes and wider pedestrian pathways to provide more room for vehicles and limit congestion in the event of a collision. 

The bridge replacement was a key component of a wider Bass Highway upgrade, which cost a total of $50 million. 

“The completion of this project ensures this upgraded bridge will support the local economy of the north-west coast of Tasmania by providing improved road safety and more efficient transport access for both vehicles and pedestrians,” senator for Tasmania Anne Urquhart says. 

“The federal government is proud to be partnering with the Tasmanian government in this project, which was brought a long-needed essential bridge upgrade to the island state’s north-west coast.” 

Following the opening of the new Cam Rive Bridge, state member for Braddon Roger Jaensch says there are already discussions surrounding the construction of a second bridge over the river. 

“The Tasmanian government has committed to a second crossing of the Cam River subject to a successful feasibility study and Australian government funding support,” Jaensch says. 

“A feasibility study is assessing a range of options for a second bridge, including a new connection between the local road network, a duplication of the bridge at the Bass Highway, and a new bridge as part of a potential bypass for the Bass Highway through this area.” 

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