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New Australian driver safety software promises safer roads

The breakthrough driver training software, developed in Melbourne, includes all scenarios such as port services driving

An Australian company says driver training in the nation is set to be revolutionised through the launch of its new comprehensive simulation software MOTUM World.

MOTUM World is a new system that can be tailored to a multitude of driving scenarios, focusing on local conditions and road rules.

The team behind MOTUM Simulation has produced the system entirely in Melbourne, with MOTUM World featuring a completely customisable platform and encompasses learner drivers, emergency services, port services, mining industries and more.

The key part of the system is its complete adaptability in terms of environments, scenarios and assets.

MOTUM Simulation says to suit any driver training application, bespoke environments can be created and tailored for virtually any road surface or terrain, such as CBDs, suburban roads, freeways and country driving, plus dedicated spaces, such as ports for training stevedores and more.

“We completed a worldwide search looking for software titles – we tried a number of them, and none had the fidelity, adaptability, flexibility and scalability that could match the quality of our hardware offering,” MOTUM Simulation managing director Steve Hoinville says.

“So, we have embarked on creating our own software title that is tailored specifically for Australian driving conditions.

“We are incredibly proud of our initial release, which has been with select partners for 18 months now, including Qube Ports, Alkane Resources, and emergency service providers, while we are now poised to launch into the broader driver education space, including Pre-L, L to P and other learner programs, such as with the elderly or recovering drivers.”

Further to this, different scenarios can be incorporated into the program to align with physical training and real-world events.

For trainers, a range of metrics can be recorded, including speed throttle control, steering precision, braking technique, proximity to other vehicles and road rule infringements.

Instructors can tailor training scenarios, including testing driver responsiveness, awareness and defensive skills under a host of varying conditions.

Within MOTUM World, any driven vehicle, AI vehicle, surrounding buildings, structures and landscapes can be developed to simulate real-world conditions and processes, including roads around loading docks or emergency service bases.

“A particular focus of the program is to make it as adaptable as possible for any driver education requirement,” Hoinville says.

“For instance, it can be used in heavy vehicles, Ubers, taxis, material handling and forklifts, port services, rail and beyond – we have the functionality to expand into any training regime for any industry.

“With other existing driver training software titles, they tend to have small environments, very simple roads or car park examples, but with MOTUM World, if a client wanted to create the whole of the Melbourne CBD, we have that ability in-house.

“Furthermore, MOTUM World can be developed for any international application with ease. Our aim is to develop skills and behaviours in the virtual environment that transfer directly to the real world, which is a true breakthrough for the driver training and education industry.”

MOTUM World is available as a standalone software package or combined with a MOTUM Simulator which, to date, the company says has been developed for numerous applications, including passenger vehicle training, motorsport, heavy vehicle training, helicopters and more.

The driver training and education simulator is fully adjustable to replicate the environment behind the wheel of a modern passenger vehicle, with road car controls such as auto or manual gear shift, handbrake, indicators, headlights, windows and more.

Additionally, MOTUM World can be specified to be operated with a VR headset, on a screen, or a combination of the two options.

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