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Netstar provides transport solutions with 3G shutdown

With the 3G network commencing its shut down last week, Netstar Australia is providing solutions for transport companies to transition smoothly to 4G

The 3G network has provided Australians with wireless mobile communications service over the past 20 years. Whether it be in rural regions or in urban centres, people have been able to use the mobile cellular network to make calls both professional and personal. In the transport sector, fleet managers have been able to track assets and ensure vehicles are maintained with this technology 

There has always been an impending move to the more advanced 4G, 4G-lot and, eventually, 5G networks. Despite these networks being introduced, three million devices in Australia, including telematics providers, mobile phones, GPS and dashcams, still rely on 3G to function. 

They soon won’t be able to. Starting last week with the Vodafone network, all companies will now have to use 4G as Australia’s 3G network is progressively shut down over the coming months.

Vodafone says that its priority is to keep remaining 3G customers connected. It also says it will ensure a smooth transition for these customers to the 4G or 5G networks. 

Telstra will follow suit in June 2024, before Optus shuts down its network in September, 2024. 

Australia isn’t the first country to shut down its 3G network. The United States, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and the Czech Republic have already discontinued their 3G networks, leaving transport companies to adjust and transition to 4G. 

In the months to follow, European countries including the United Kingdom, Greece, Denmark, Sweden, Slovakia and Hungary will join Australia in shutting down their 3G networks. 

While it may be the end of the older network, Netstar Australia is one telematics company providing transport businesses with a solution moving forward. 

It comes in the form of a 4G GPS tracking device. From trailer trucks to rental cars, Netstar says it can provide transport businesses that use 3G tracking devices with a smooth transition to 4G on a variety of vehicles.  

This is made possible by Netstar offering installation services and ongoing support for any troubleshooting or assistance. 

Netstar Australia says transport businesses can benefit from its 4G telematics solutions by using its tracking devices to manage assets and vehicles anytime and anywhere. Netstar says that with the device, operators can save money, optimise use and improve driver behaviour. 

Netstar’s 4G telematics device has other features including cameras with recording capability. With its fuel tax credit (FTC) systems, transport businesses can also make precise calculations to ensure they receive the maximum compensation possible. 

Netstar says businesses can track assets and receive alerts in real-time from anywhere across Australia courtesy of the 4G network. They can also obtain insights into what’s happening out on the field with Netstar’s software dashboards and reports. 

The Netstar solution monitors driver behaviour such as harsh braking, sharp cornering or rapid acceleration, while fleet managers will immediately know when people have arrived at their destination. 

Netstar says that companies can reduce fuel costs by designing and implementing more efficient routes, while idle times and under-used assets within fleets are also monitored. 

It also has the ability to create geofences that identify specific zones, trigger alerts and tailored reports on critical locations that businesses are responsible for 

These additions are just various features of a wider transport solution that Netstar says can optimise operations for transport businesses looking to transfer from 3G to 4G on its management devices before it’s too late. 

“Transport companies can contact Netstar for a free, no-obligation demonstration of our vehicle GPS tracking solution,” Netstar says.  

“We can show businesses how they can continue to run smoothly, protect valuable assets and improve driver behaviour.” 

To learn more about Netstar GPS Tracking solutions, visit –


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