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NetStar celebrates 30 years of operation

Global telematics giant Netstar is celebrating 30 years of global operation following its foundation in South Africa in 1994

Vehicle telematics company NetStar is celebrating 30 years of operations and says the milestone marks “three decades of innovation, trust, and dedication to making roads safer, simpler and smarter”.

After being founded in South Africa in 1994, NetStar commenced its international expansion in 2001 and has gone on to operate in a variety of markets around the globe. Currently it has 1.8 million subscribers across the globe and installs 52,000 new units every month across its operations.

Australia was one of the first international territories NetStar expanded into, with the company now operating in the country for over 20 years.

Although it is celebrating its 30-year milestone, new partnerships and integrations continue to push NetStar into the future. Partnerships with Toyota have driven further expansion into South East Asia, while collaboration with Here Technologies has been extended into the Asia-Pacific territories.

It has also developed the industry’s first fleet co-pilot with Microsoft.

Cutting-edge technology, data, artificial intelligence and machine learning have been implemented into NetStar’s services over its 30-year journey, with the organisation boasting it is now harnessing the power of data alongside human ingenuity to solve problems.

Group Managing Director Grant Fraser believes the impact of data analytics on fleet management has the potential to be transformative for the industry.

“By harnessing big data we can offer actionable insights that enable companies to improve driver behaviour, predict maintenance needs and reduce downtime,” Fraser says.

“These data-driven decisions are crucial for maintaining efficient operations and ensuring fleets run smoothly.

“The ability to foresee potential issues and address them proactively is a game-changer for the industry.”

In celebration of the 30-year milestone, Fraser issued his thanks to customers, suppliers and employees of NetStar all over the world, and believes their trust and support have formed the foundation of the company’s growth over its journey so far.

Looking forward, NetStar says its telematics systems can help ensure companies can optimise delivery routes and minimise fuel consumption in order to reduce costs and enhance profitability.

NetStar is a subsidiary company of Altron.

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