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Netstar and HERE Technologies expand partnership to grow fleet management operations

As Netstar Australia plans for Australasian expansion in the coming years, its growing partnership with HERE Technologies will help enhance its fleet management capabilities

Location data and technology platform HERE Technologies has announced the expansion of its partnership with Australian telematics solutions provider Netstar Australia to enhance its asset and fleet management capabilities for heavy vehicles.

The pair’s partnership first began in 2008 under the basis of delivering valuable location-based solutions for transport and logistics companies.

As part of the relationship, Netstar Australia has been using a comprehensive suite of HERE location services and HERE map content to power its asset tracking solutions for commercial and heavy vehicles. This means it has provided customers with real-time guidance for commercial and heavy vehicles on the road while also improving driver safety and fleet management through optimised routing and precise tracking.

The next phase of the partnership will be to focus on enhancing truck navigation through Netstar’s use of HERE’s Software Development Kit (SDK) Navigate, building Netstar’s smarter navigation applications.

With Australia’s road freight expected to continue increasing in the coming decades, Netstar group managing director Grant Fraser says the extended partnership supports upcoming freight and supply chain strategies in the nation.

“Our partnership with HERE Technologies has been instrumental in enabling us to provide our customers with industry-leading asset tracking and management solutions,” Fraser says.

“With the addition of HERE SDK Navigation, we are well-positioned to support businesses with its fleet management across Australia, New Zealand, and the Asia Pacific region.

“We are enthusiastic about our upcoming global expansion and the impact we will make on the fleet management landscape.”

Netstar is preparing to expand across the Asia-Pacific region within the next three years, with its plan including to introduce solutions developed in partnership with HERE Technologies to a global audience.

The expansion aligns with Netstar’s mission of transforming the way companies manage assets and fleets, with HERE Technologies Australia and New Zealand head of partners Mark Wallace saying the brand is happy to help Netstar’s expansion.

“We are excited to continue our journey with Netstar, who has been a remarkable partner over the years,” Wallace says.

“This expansion of our partnership reinforces our commitment to delivering cutting-edge location-based solutions for the trucking industry – one that relies heavily on fleet management to streamline operations and maximise efficiency.

“In alignment with the National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy in Australia, this partnership allows us to provide innovative and reliable tools for asset tracking and navigation, addressing the evolving needs of businesses in this dynamic market.”

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