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NatRoad celebrates award winners

Accolades and nominations for NTI-backed awards recognise 'fantastic efforts'

August 16, 2011

NatRoad has hailed the winners of its 2011 National Transport Insurance Awards For Excellence.

The award for Outstanding Involvement in the Road Freight Transport Industry went to Norm and Nola Bransgrove of Branstrans in a close-run thing from Haset Sali of S Sali & Sons

Wettenhalls driver Bill Watson won the Professional Driver of the Year Award from Freezwayz Transport’s Lyle Bish.

Andrew Stevens of B&R Stevens Transport won the Transport Youth Award from Lachlan Ellis of Wettenhalls.

“We have received some outstanding nominations over the years, in many ways it is unfortunate that there can be only one winner,” NatRoad President Geoff Crouch says.

“The awards are about the positives and recognising the fantastic efforts of all those that have been nominated. In my opinion, to be nominated for recognition by your peers is a fantastic compliment and a great honour.”

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