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NatRoad calls NSW toll rebate “a good start”

NatRoad is welcoming the toll relief being provided to the state’s heavy vehicle operators

The National Road Transport Association (NatRoad) has praised the NSW government for giving much-needed toll relief to heavy vehicle operators using a Sydney toll road network that it says is “overpriced”.

The NSW government is honouring its election commitment to deliver toll relief to users of the M5 East and M8 motorways from January 1, 2024 as part of a toll rebate program.

“This is exactly what was needed for trucks using the city’s busiest motorways,” NatRoad CEO Warren Clark says.

“The good thing is that operators don’t have to do a thing.

“Provided you have a valid toll account, and operate a Class B vehicle, one-third of the cost of your toll will be automatically rebated to your account.”

Clark says NSW and interstate registered trucks will qualify, provided they have a valid E-Toll, Linkt or Eastlink account.

Toll rebates were one of several measures NatRoad called for in its submission to the NSW Tolls Inquiry.

“We want the government to ask the tollway operator to go further and introduce more incentives such as time-based discounts, but we’re grateful for what’s being delivered,” Clark says.

The scheme is a trial and will commence next year for two years at a cost to the government of $53.8 million.

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