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NatRoad calls for patience following port cyberattack disruption

NatRoad is urging operators to reman patient as DP World gets closer to re-opening freight operations

The National Road Transport Association (NatRoad) is urging operators to remain patient following a cyberattack on Friday that is impacting Australia’s ports.

On Friday night, DP World suffered a cyberattack, with the company working with cybersecurity experts to re-establish landside freight operations at its ports.

DP World Australia says its top priority is to secure the safe restoration of its terminal operations, with DP World already facilitating the flow of some freight by activating business continuity plans and collaborating with other ports and terminal operators, as well as government and private sector stakeholders.

DP World’s latest update says it’s testing key systems crucial to the resumption of normal operations and regular freight movement, with further updates to be provided once this phase is complete.

NatRoad CEO Warren Clark says operators scheduled to move freight to or from the company’s ports had received a message over the weekend that Monday’s slots were cancelled.

“It’s frustrating but there’s nothing operators can do until the company restores its systems,” Clark says.

“There will obviously be some prioritisation for critical freight such as medical supplies but everybody is in limbo right now.”

Clark is calling for DP World to freeze its planned increase in charges at Port Melbourne, slated for January, and to look at other ways to compensate operators who would suffer loses as a result of the cyber breach.

“If the disruption continues for days as predicted, the impact will snowball,” Clark says.

“DP World will need to apply common sense and not apply the usual fees and penalties.”

DP World Australia operates ports in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Fremantle and is responsible for 40 per cent of Australia’s maritime freight.

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