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NatRoad calls for more incentives following toll concessions

Although members have welcomed the inclusion of trucks in toll concessions, NatRoad wants to see more reform made in the space

In response to the recent announcement that the NSW government will rebate some toll fees for motorists, the National Road Transport Association (NatRoad) has called for more concessions.

NatRoad says the NSW government made a good step forward for the road transport industry by including trucks in its tolls rebate plan.

Rebates for heavy vehicles using the M5 East and M8 tunnels are part of a broader relief policy taking effect from January 1 next year.

Trucks will receive a rebate for a third of their trip travelled on the M5 East and M8, at a cost to the NSW government of $54 million over a two-year trial.

NatRoad CEO Warren Clark says his members greeted the news but still wanted long-term reform to make toll road use more viable for trucks.

“We know the reason the toll road system in and around Sydney is so complicated and unfair is because it’s tied up in long-term contracts that can’t be undone,” Clark says.

“We’re grateful for this modest but important concession. The NSW government promised action and has delivered.

“NatRoad still wants time-of-day based tolling or multi-trip discounts for trucks to make moving off suburban streets viable and commercially attractive.

“The cost of using toll roads must come down further if consumers aren’t going to be the people ultimately paying.”

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