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NatRoad announces new PBS authorisation notice

NatRoad says the new PBS notice allows for more vehicle types to drive on NSW roads without the need for permits

The National Road Transport Association (NatRoad) has released details of a new national class two Performance Based Standards (PBS) high productivity authorisation notice published in New South Wales.

NatRoad says the new notice provides easier access for more productive, safer and sustainable heavy vehicle types on NSW’s key freight routes.

The association says thousands of permits will be replaced by this notice that will save administrative time and cost for both the state government and the transport industry, as moving more of the freight task with less heavy vehicle movements benefits all parties.

The new network supports access for higher productivity PBS vehicles to travel under notice on more than 15,000 kilometres of state road, including vital routes for freight like the Hume and Newell highways, as well as the Sydney motorway network.

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The national class two PBS high productivity authorisation notice 2022 provides access for the following vehicle types without the need for permits:

  • PBS level 2B tandem dolly A-doubles
  • Three designs of tier three PBS 2B A-doubles at up to 85 tonnes (HML)
  • Tier three PBS level one quad axle semi-trailers (up to 20 metres in length) meeting or exceeding the minimum axle spacing requirements on the PBS level one HML state road network at 50.5 tonnes
  • Tier three PBS 2B quad axle B-doubles up to 77.5 tonnes (MHL)
  • 20-metre PBS level two truck and dog combinations and B-doubles respectively up to 57.5 tonnes on the Great Western Highway between Emu Plains and Marrangaroo

The new networks can be viewed on the NSW PBS interactive maps.

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