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Multiple disruptions to Port Botany traffic

Obstructions on two consecutive days is preventing access to Port Botany terminals

For the second consecutive day peak hour traffic disruptions have limited access through major roads at Port Botany.

Yesterday morning a container truck rolled over on Foreshore Road near Sirius Road, causing a container to fall off the truck.

Contents spilled over the road, immediately closing westbound lanes while northbound traffic was also heavily affected by the incident.

Fortunately. there are no reports of any serious injuries from the incident.

On Tuesday, media reports outlined that a climate change protest is preventing all access to Port Botany terminals.

Roads surrounding the Port were locked up after a climate activist occupied a treehouse on a pole near its entrance for several hours.

Authorities are acting quickly to allow for the resumption of all supply chain activity through the Port Botany area.

Acting Premier Paul Toole and Transport Minister David Elliott were both angered by the actions.

“We’ve seen similar protests on metropolitan roads around Sydney in recent weeks and there will be more to come once the Federal election campaign starts in earnest,” National Road Transport Association Road CEO Warren Clark says.

“That will be inconvenient for motorists but the financial cost will be borne by truck drivers and operators who are trying to earn a living.”

NatRoad says the NSW government must redouble efforts to secure vulnerable parts of the supply chain after the protest action.

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The Freight Trade Alliance (FTA) says it expects Transport for NSW to declare the accident an unforeseen event, meaning transport operators are exempt from penalties for missing time slots.

It adds that these events are a reminder for all in the supply chain to be compliant with safe packing and Chain of Responsibility obligations, with the FTA expecting an increased focus by regulators as a result of Monday’s incident.

For those looking to gain access through Port Botany, be aware that there may be delays.

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