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MT Andrews Auto Freighters announces retirement and auction

The industry is keenly awaiting an exciting auction following the impending retirement of Max Andrews of MT Andrews Auto Freighters

Car carrier fleet MT Andrews Auto Freighters has announced it will be retiring in June after 50 years in the road transport industry.

Operating out of Kempsey on the mid-north coast, the family business will be offloading its car carrier equipment following its retirement, with dozens of quality trucks and trailers set to be auctioned off to the next generation of transport operators.

Max ‘Shag’ Andrews, the owner of MT Andrews Auto Freighters, recently celebrated 50 years in the Australian road transport community and was inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame in 2021.

Image: Pickles

It all began in 1973 with a red J2 Bedford that Max and his brothers used to transport cars between Sydney and Kempsey.

Now 50 years on, his fleet is full of dozens of car carriers, with more than 50 employees working together throughout MT Andrews Auto Freighters’ operations.

Only recently did the operator buy another four trucks, with Max making the difficult decision to retire next month.

With his daughters working in the office and grandchildren running around the yard alongside dozens of long-term employees, Max’s family business will cease operating at the end of this month, with Pickles then hosting an auction from June 4-6 for the trucks and trailers.

Max is so confident about the auction that he’s keeping his fleet on the roads right up until the auction.

The majority of Max’s fleet is 2020 or newer models, with Max upgrading his fleet every five years for the past 50 years.

“Good equipment isn’t hard to sell,” he says.

The auction includes some hot ticket items, such as Australia’s only custom-built 12 pack car carrier, an 11 pack B-Double and many eight car carriers.

On top of this, a direct competitor has offered Max $50,000 for the privilege of taking over his phone number.

Upon his retirement, Max plans to spend time on a cruiser in Coffs Harbour, fishing and enjoying life.

His hope is that buyers of his fleet will keep the MT Andrews Auto Freighters legacy alive by driving the fleet into the future. You can access the sale here.

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