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Molonglo River Bridge construction gets underway

The new bridge will be joined by access roads and new bus stops to revolutionise transport in the Molonglo region

The federal and ACT governments have confirmed that the Molonglo River Bridge is another step closer to being delivered as construction begins on the first stage of works.

As part of the works, a 200-metre-long bridge will be built across the Molonglo Nature Reserve and the region’s largest river, with 1.7 kilometres of new arterial roads to be built leading to the bridge alongside two new intersections.

Once complete, the governments say the construction of the bridge and John Gorton Drive will “transform the Molonglo region” and better connect the northern suburbs of Molonglo, including Whitlam, to the rest of the Molonglo Valley.

“The federal government understands the importance of investing in infrastructure that supports growing populations, reduces congestion and improves travel times,” federal transport and infrastructure minister Catherine King says.

“This project will provide a major economic stimulus to the Canberra region, including an estimated 560 jobs to be created during the detailed design and construction phases.

“Projects like this are important to not only keep Canberrans employed and businesses running, but also to provide the Canberra community with better infrastructure and safer roads long into the future.”

The road project will provide access to the future Molonglo Group Centre from Whitlam and future northern Molonglo Valley suburbs while also retaining public transport as a key premise to the road’s future.

With there being a consideration that the road network could become capable of supporting a future light rail connection, two new bus stops will be built in the meantime alongside two queue-jump bus lanes to pave the way for expanded rapid services in the growing region.

The project is also delivering the provision of habitat for native fauna, such as platypus nesting sites, pink-tailed worm lizards, water birds and bats.

Construction on the main package of works will begin following this first stage of works, with the bridge and road expected to be open to traffic by the end of 2025.

The project, worth $225 million, is jointly funded by the federal and ACT governments.

“As our population grows, we’re building the right infrastructure our growing city needs, across roads, rail and active travel projects, to make sure the Canberra of the 2030s stays as one of the world’s most liveable cities,” ACT transport minister Chris Steel says.

“This investment isn’t just focused on building a new bridge over the Molonglo River, we are also constructing the lead-in roads and intersections that link in with the new suburb of Molonglo, which will be the region’s commercial centre.”

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