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Ministers meet to finalise national infrastructure and transport plans

The increase of truck size, concern at Australia’s rising road death toll and the expansion of the work plan for the Decarbonisation of Transport Working Group were key take aways from a recent meeting in Brisbane

A meeting of infrastructure and transport ministers in Brisbane has resulted in numerous impactful changes to the transport industry. 

Notably, plans have been approved to increase the size and length of trucks, however plans to implement the changes will likely not take effect in the immediate future. 

The National Transport Commission (NTC) submitted options to increase general mass limits by five per cent and increase vehicle length from 19 to 20 metres, with the changes accepted under “ongoing consideration” of road maintenance and resilience. 

“Ministers agreed to recommendations providing access for heavy vehicles that are slightly longer and heavier, subject to adequate safety assurances,” the communique states. 

“Ministers discussed the need for ongoing consideration of road maintenance and resilience, and joint investments that support productivity, liveability and sustainability.” 

The increasing death toll on Australian roads was also discussed, with an agreement being reached that implementing road safety actions needs to be prioritised ahead of the next meeting. 

“Ministers are concerned at the increasing number of people killed on Australian roads, and further explored key issues to drive change. 

“Ministers agreed that implementing agreed road safety actions should be prioritised and an update provided at the next Infrastructure and Transport Ministers’ Meeting. Ministers reaffirmed commitment to enhanced road safety data sharing.” 

The use of the Embodied Carbon Measurement for Infrastructure: Technical Guidance was also approved to provide a nationally consistent approach to measure emissions in infrastructure projects. 

The full Communique for Infrastructure and Transport Minsters’ Meeting is available here. 

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