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Million mile Mack has first work done on engine

Mack crows about 1995 CHR tipper, which receives first look inside engine at 1.6 million kilometres.


Mack is trumpeting the virtues of its engines after a small Sydney operator clocked up more than 1.6 million kilometres before needing work done on his trusty steed.

Sam Seminara of North Sydney Cement and Sand recently brought his 1995 Mack CHR Elite tipper in for a new head gasket and a first-ever look inside its engine.

Mack says technicians at its Sydney West dealership in Blacktown declared the pistons in the 12 litre EA7-427 motor to be as good as new.

That’s despite more than 46,000 hours and 1.67 million kilometres (more than 1 million miles) carting and tipping 32-tonne loads of sand, screenings, metal or gravel all over metro Sydney building sites.

Seminara asked for an in-chassis “freshen up” while the truck was at the dealership.

“I’m a very happy and proud owner of this Mack,” Seminara says.

“I think Mack offers a very well-engineered package and with regular servicing and a good driver, you get this excellent result.

“I reckon it would’ve done 2 million plus kilometres if not for the gasket.”

Mack says the regular driver of the old truck from new, John Gibbons, is even more enthusiastic.

“The CHR Mack’s been a brilliant truck, super reliable, easy to drive with plenty of torque low down, comfortable cab and perfect vision out front and through good modern mirrors,” Gibbons says.

“Its Mack T318LR 18-speed manual trannie racked up 1.3 million kilometres before overhaul, it has nice low ratio reverse gears which are ideal for the work I do, and its Mack 200 Series diffs are still untouched.

“I’m such a Mack fan I restored Sam’s old R600 to show quality a few years ago but that didn’t stop it working.”

Mack Trucks Australia vice president Dean Bestwick says Seminara’s experience shows Mack gets it right when building trucks for Australian conditions.

“We love these stories when our customers demonstrate the reliability and durability of Mack trucks, especially the proprietary driveline such as is in this CHR model,” Bestwick says.

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