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Mildura Rural City Council starts removing levees as part of flood recovery

Mildura has started removing the levees in the area as part of the first steps of its transport flood recovery

Mildura Rural City Council says it’s set to start removing small sections of levees to allow road inspections as part of the region’s recovery from the Murray River flood event.

Acting General Manager Development Daryl Morgan says the works were part of Council’s ongoing push to actively inspect previously flood-impacted roads ahead of reopening them as soon as possible.

Morgan says work started this week and will focus on levees blocking the following roads:

  • Etiwanda Avenue and Cureton Avenue East
  • Benetook Avenue and Cureton Avenue East
  • Cureton Avenue near the Mildura Homestead
  • Eleventh Street extension, near Regina Avenue.

Morgan says removing these small sections of levee didn’t mean roads at these locations were open yet.

“While it’s encouraging to see river levels receding and some roads no longer underwater, we need to remember that many of these roads have in some cases been under metres of water for weeks, if not months,” Morgan says.

“As a result, the road surface may look fine, but the ground conditions beneath could still be saturated and not ready to take the load of cars or trucks. By driving on these roads before they’re ready, it could actually take our region longer to recover due to the significant damage this could cause and resulting additional work that would be needed.

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“This is why our community may still see closure signage on roads that appear on the surface to be fine and accessible. The fact we’re able to get out and start inspecting these roads with a view to reopening them is certainly a great step forward, however we ask our community to be patient as we work to assess and reopen them.”

Morgan says removing these sections of levee was now possible due to river levels receding to the point where flood water was a safe distance from levees.

Looking longer term, Council intends to examine the future options for levees and levee maintenance in the region, including discussions with relevant agencies.

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