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Mildura council calls for port truck tax to be abandoned

The Mildura mayor has joined the chorus wanting the proposed Port of Melbourne truck tax to be scrapped

The Mildura Rural City Council has joined calls for the Victorian government to scrap the proposed new freight truck tax at the Port of Melbourne.

Earlier this week, the Victorian Liberals revealed the government has plans to introduce a tax on freight trucks at the Port of Melbourne and called for it to be scrapped.

Now, Mildura mayor Liam Wood says the new tax would be a financial hit for the broader community, commodity groups and local growers.

“Given the ongoing need for major upgrades to the rail network, including completion of the Murray Basin Rail Project, our region is still heavily reliant on road transport, meaning we could be among regions hardest hit by this new tax,” Wood says.

“This means increased costs for our local transport operators, which will then be passed on to local growers and businesses transporting goods in and out of our region.”

Wood says the council will continue to advocate strongly to all levels of government to reduce the tax burden of regional areas, starting from scrapping the tax on trucks unloading and loading at the port and continuing to advocate through its membership with the Murray River Group of Councils and Regional Cities Victoria.

“It’s our broader community who will then feel the impacts of these increased costs at the checkout,” Wood says.

“We need more information from the Victorian government on how income from this new tax will be spent, the impact on regional areas and how much of it will be invested in our region – whether its rail or road upgrades.”

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