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Melbourne hardest hit in fallout from Cootes incident

Caltex says it is adjusting operations to account for a disruption to fuel supply due to Cootes incident

October 10, 2013

Disruptions to fuel supplies in the wake of the Cootes Transport incident have been felt hardest in metropolitan Melbourne, Caltex says.

In a statement released today, the fuel retailer says distribution of petrol and diesel has been impaired due to the unavailability of some Cootes-owned trucks, which have been grounded for serious defects following a fatal crash last week.

Caltex says about 14 per cent of its branded retail sites have been affected in metropolitan Melbourne.

“The availability of petrol and diesel at affected sites will begin to return to normal as more of the Cootes trucks recommence operation. Caltex-branded sites in regional Victoria are not affected,” Caltex says.

Seeking to allay consumer concerns, Caltex says there is more than adequate supply of all fuel products at its terminals.

“Caltex has adjusted its supply chain to maximise delivery of fuel to affected retail sites. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and we thank our customers for their patience as we restore supply to affected sites,” it says.

Caltex says there is no disruption to petrol and diesel supplies in other states and territories, but LPG is a concern in New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia.

“LPG is available at the vast majority of sites in NSW, Victoria and South Australia, however some sites have been affected by the unavailability of Cootes trucks,” it says.

“The availability of LPG at Caltex-supplied sites will begin to return to normal as more of the unavailable trucks recommence operation.”

Authorities in NSW and Victoria are putting Cootes’ fleet under the microscope. Authorities have already inspected a large number of trucks and handed out hundreds of defects for a range of offences.

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