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Melbourne enters curfew as lockdown extends

Certified permits needed for authorised workers to leave home


Melbourne transport and logistics staff must carry permits to work from 11.59pm Tuesday night, as do all authorised workers.

The permits need to be certified by an employer, the state government said.

They are to be made available on the coronavirus website before these directions come into effect and can be found here.  

The order came as the lockdown was lengthened by two weeks from 11.59 tonight to September 2 and a 9pm to 5am curfew over that time was put in place, consistent with restrictions in place last year and on advice from chief health officer Brett Sutton.

“At the moment we have a steady number of cases who are out in the community each day, and an increasing number of mystery cases, and we need to get ahead of that,” chief health officer Brett Sutton said.

“These new measures will help us limit movement, so we can catch up and shut down this outbreak.”

Like last year, freight-related businesses and their workers will have to act fast to avoid disruption as the government seeks to tighten its grip.

Read about Stage 4 lockdown rules in Melbourne last year, here

“After almost two weeks of restrictions in Victoria, it’s clear the number of coronavirus cases out in the community is still too high, it’s spreading too far and there are too many exposure sites cropping up every day,” it said.

“The average exposure days, the number of days an infectious person is out in the community, was 0.61 and declining at this point of our previous outbreak.

“In the current outbreak the average exposure days is 1.8.

“To put that more simply: cases diagnosed yesterday were infectious in the community for a total of 15 days, compared to 0 for the same point during the last outbreak.

“Most concerningly, there have been a number mystery cases discovered over the course of the last week which indicate the virus is moving around undetected in the community.

“Victoria’s public health team believe additional measures are needed to limit movement across Melbourne to slow the spread of this highly infectious Delta variant and enable us to open up again as soon as possible.”

Additional restrictions will also apply to the construction industry, again operating as it did last year, with staffing reductions in place except for critical infrastructure and emergency repairs.

“These restrictions are hard work for every Victorian,” premier Dan Andrews said.

“Everyone wants this pandemic to be over, but the rules are in place for a reason – we know they work and if we follow them together, we’ll be able to lift them sooner.”

The full announcement and Covid Table of Restrictions can be found here.


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