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McAleese trucking assets up for sale through GraysOnline

Auctioneer releases preliminary sale timetable for McAleese vehicles and equipment


McGrathNicol has appointed online industrial auctioneer GraysOnline to handle the sale of assets including heavy vehicles and light trucks, cranes and general office and commercial equipment held by McAleese’s trucking arm.

GraysOnline has published a preliminary sale timetable that lists the following for immediate sale: prime movers and low loaders/platforms (high spec prime movers, multi row low loaders and platforms, and dollys), 14 crawler cranes (Kobelco and Terex 110 – 400 tonne), seven all-terrain and rough cranes (Grove, Demag and Liebherr 30 – 220 tonne), franna cranes (AT20 and Mac25 units).                                                        

There will be 30 prime movers and 60 trailers for sale in Brisbane, 20 prime movers and 20 trailers in Mackay, 13 prime movers in Melbourne, six prime movers and eight trailers in Perth, three prime movers in Adelaide, and some additional unreserved prime movers and trailers available for sale in Brisbane.

The remaining assets are currently being assessed before being valued and listed for sale – a process, the company says, complicated by the fact that many of the assets have multiple components that need to located and documented first before they can be valued.

The complete list of assets can be viewed on GraysOnline’s website, with sale and auction expected to commence soon.

GraysOnline expects it will take up four months to complete the sale of all McAleese’s Heavy Haulage and Lifting assets.

The auctioneer says it is expecting interest from local and as well as international buyers.

GraysOnline head of institutional and special situations Matt Aubrey says the GraysOnline team is working with administrators McGrathNicol to “assess, value, catalogue, market and ultimately dispose of” the McAleese assets.

“Grays’ international network will have an important role to play in this sale,” Aubrey says.

“Over recent years we have a seen a consistent trend toward cross-border transactions, as offshore buyers in Asia, the Middle East and Africa seek quality used plant and equipment to support local projects.

“That’s good for vendors in Australia as it ensures healthy tension in bidding.”

GraysOnline head of mining and transport Fenton Healy says the sale will be carried out in a series of auctions and direct sales based on the dynamics of each asset category.

“Prices for the heavy transport assets have stabilised following the bottoming of the mining downturn,” Healy says.

“The market for general transport assets is generally pretty liquid and this part of the portfolio is well suited to a national, online auction.

“Cranes are a more specialised category – we’ll be presenting the larger cranes to multinational buyers through our international network and putting the smaller Franna cranes into strategic sale lots depending on their age and condition.

“It’s a complex assignment but one which the Grays team of experts nationally is uniquely placed to execute for maximum return to the administrators.”

McGrathNicol has been handling the restructure of McAleese since the company went into administration in late August.

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