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Maxi-Cube delivers 26 Pallet PBS trailer to Fruithaul

Fruithaul begins using new 26-pallet PBS-approved trailer.

Queensland fruit and vegetable carrier Fruithaul has started using a new refrigerated trailer approved under the Performance Based Standards (PBS) scheme in a bid to increase productivity.

The Maxi-Cube built unit is capable of carrying 26 pallets – two more than a conventional trailer – and is the first of its kind to gain PBS approval in Queensland.

The PBS scheme allows operators to use innovative vehicle and trailer designs as long as they meet a number of safety and operational conditions.

“Fruithaul’s 26-pallet refrigerated trailer has two extra pallet spaces when compared with a standard 24-pallet trailer, which translates into greater profit per load for operators,” Trailer Sales manager Scott Thiesfield, who sold the trailer to Fruithaul, says.

Fruithaul owner Matt Vallance found out about the idea of the larger trailer when talking with a sub-contractor from Victoria.

“When he told me how the PBS scheme allowed him to tow longer-than-usual trailers, I asked Scott Thiesfield from Trailer Sales in Brisbane how I could go about trialling one myself,” Vallance says.

Thiesfield has been a supplier to Fruithaul for a number of years and helped Vallance through the process of getting the correct specifications for the trailer and applying for PBS.

“While Fruithaul has been the trailblazer in this instance, this is just the beginning of the take-up of PBS in the van sector. The bulk transport sector has been making use of PBS solutions for a number of years and the rest of the transport industry is just starting to sit up and take notice of the benefits as well,” Thiesfield says.

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