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Martins mighty Mack makes major message

The company is paying homage to the work of all the women within its ranks with an eye-catching new truck

NSW livestock hauler Martins Stock Haulage has expanded the family, adding a new Mack truck to a fleet that has contained over 300 Kenworths.

It isn’t just any old Mack either – the Super-Liner has been decked out in a stunning pink finish, making it very hard to miss. But even despite the looks, it’s more about the message the company is trying to send. 

Martins wants to acknowledge and recognise the accomplishments of the women within its business, with the new Mack paying homage to them.

General manager Adam Ross speaks about how the idea came about.

“We’ve got women in roles throughout the company, from drivers to senior executives,” Ross says.

“They’re some of the hardest-working and most capable people we’ve got. They’re a huge part of the business and we wanted to do something significant to recognise them publicly. 

“We didn’t really know how this would work. The idea started from a discussion with the Mack guys, but then everyone involved just jumped on board and the level of enthusiasm was incredible.”

From L-R: Lisa Martin, Jason Martin, Adam Ross, Kelly Harvison, Melanie White, John Rogers, all Martins employees

Several suppliers were involved in the project to customise the Mack – Bel Air Truck Spray Painting supplied the painting and the mural, Bling HQ the chrome and the lights, Signs ‘N’ Lines the scrollwork and Ultimate Shine Metal polishing gave it the final touch.

Ross says that the project was met with doubt, but it turned out better than he could have imagined.

“When we started telling people what we were doing we got a few raised eyebrows, Ross says.

“It was like ‘You’re doing what?’, but everyone loves the result. This is an opportunity to inspire our employees.

“The women we employ are there on their own merits – the best and brightest for the job – and we want to encourage them and others to get out there and have a crack.”

Mack Trucks Australia vice president Tom Chapman agrees with Ross’ sentiments. He believes that these are values that the two companies share.

“It’s by no accident that Martins Stock Haulage is one of the largest livestock carriers in the country. The way in which they embrace new technology and continuously strive to improve their systems and processes is world class,” Chapman says. 

“The transport industry is constantly evolving and full of opportunity. Innovation is very much the key to success and diversity and inclusion is a huge driver of this.

“This pink truck is a symbol of two transport icons dedicated to embracing change, promoting diversity and setting new industry standards to shape the future.”

Adam Ross and Jason Martin unveil the new Mack 

A Martins senior driver will soon take the Super-Liner out for a drive through western Queensland, configured as a triple road train.

Ross sees it as ample opportunity to spread the company’s message across the nation.

“This pink Mack is a statement of our belief in and support for the women in our company and in the transport industry as a whole, and it will be taking that message everywhere we operate,” he concludes.

Martins has depots across Queensland and NSW, and has been in business since 1958. It currently runs a fleet of almost 90 prime movers and its operations cover all of the east side of Australia with tankers also operating in WA.

This current delivery includes four Mack Super-Liners and four Titans, due to arrive later this year.

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