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MAN issues brake valve recall

MAN recalls a number of TGL, TGM, TGA, TGS and TGX trucks due to potential braking problem

May 19, 2011

MAN Automotive Imports is recalling a number of TGL, TGM, TGA, TGS and TGX trucks after a potential problem was identified with the braking system.

The recall is for trucks fitted with either a Wabco Park Brake or Anti-Jack Knife Valve that were manufactured between April 2009 and February 2011.

The valve is fitted with steel balls to seal the processing bores. However, it has been found these may not be properly secured within the housing, causing the valves to bleed and activate either the park brake or the anti-jack knife brake.

While letters are being sent to affected customers, owners should contact their nearest MAN dealer to have the valves inspected for the production date and build status, and for correction as required.

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