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MAN introduces all new truck generation

The new model boasts improvements in many areas from MAN’s previous models

Penske Australia and MAN Truck & Bus has announced it is introducing the all-new MAN truck generation (TG) to the Australian market.

The first newly developed MAN truck generation in two decades, MAN says the TGL, TGM, TGS, and TGX ranges boast excellent driver fit, great efficiency and economy features, optimised uptime, and make for a strong business partner.

General manager of on-highway at Penske Australia Craig Lee says the launch of the new truck generation is significant.

“We are delighted to introduce the all-new MAN truck generation to our customers and the Australian market,” Lee says.

“We held an exclusive event in Brisbane earlier this week to unveil the trucks, and the feedback was tremendous. Customers can clearly see that the newly developed trucks are a game-changer for the transport industry. 

“We’re confident that the new MAN truck generation will redefine trucking. And as we partner with our dealer network to continue to roll out opportunities for new and long-standing customers to climb into the cab, we’re sure they will also be convinced that the new TG has redefined the Australian market.”


Executive vice president of global commercial vehicles and power systems at Penske Automotive Group Randall Seymore says the holding company of Penske Australia returned to Australia to attend the exclusive event.

“It was wonderful to reconnect with customers at our exclusive event this week and hear directly from them on the new MAN truck generation. It’s going to be a game changer,” Seymore says.

“It’s very powerful to hear first-hand how we can continue to partner with customers to support their operations.” 

Seymore has previously spent several years based at Penske Australia’s MAN head office in Queensland and returned to the US late last year to take on an expanded role within Penske.   

Excellent driver fit

When it comes to excellent driver fit, MAN says its streamlined and modern workspace sets a new benchmark.

The intuitive dash layout, multi-function steering wheel, advanced infotainment system, and SmartSelect navigator provide a user-friendly and ergonomically optimal cabin environment.


The rest and sleep area are fully furnished with everything a driver could require in a home away from home. And when combined with MAN’s innovative driver assistance features such as ACC, steering wheel airbag, cabin safety cell, emergency brake assist (EBA), ComfortSteering, and much more, MAN says it’s certain that drivers won’t want to leave the cabin. 

Great efficiency and economy

Delivering great efficiency and economy, MAN takes customers further with less. Economical engines range from the 250 hp D08 to the 640 hp D38 Euro 6e engine, with various options in between.

The MAN Tipmatic gearbox shift system uses software to determine the optimum moving off and gearshift strategy in all situations in conjunction with load and inclination detection. Coupled with ‘SmartShifting’ and the ‘idle speed driving’ functionality, MAN delivers the ultimate transmission. 

Efficiency is further improved through an enhanced overall aerodynamic package and the Turbo EVBec that produces 840 hp of engine braking.

Optimised uptime

The modern and intuitive cabins and efficient and economical truck features and systems are further complemented by highly reliable and fully integrated technology that delivers optimised uptime.

Extended oil drain intervals mean less time off the road for customers, and low tare weights mean higher payload availability, further increasing productivity.

This is backed by an extensive national MAN dealer footprint and a host of rental and leasing options from Penske Truck Rental’s national network. 

Furthermore, over the last decade, German Technical Inspection Agency (TÜV) reports have confirmed that MAN’s quality has continually improved, giving MAN and its customers an edge over competitors. 

Strong partner

All of this is underpinned through MAN’s comprehensive 24/7 roadside assist program, customised repair and maintenance packages, generous warranties, and powerful enterprise-grade telematics solution, MAN Opti-Connect, offering customers the ultimate strong business partnership.

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