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Maersk launches digital air freight solution

Global logistics company Maersk has launched its new solution to help strengthen its global solutions offerings

Integrated container and logistics company A.P. Moeller-Maersk has announced the launch of a fully digital platform for customers looking to purchase one of its air freight solutions. 

Maersk says the new online solution provides customers with an option to book their air cargo requirements through a simple online tool that provides instant prices for as many as 70,000 connections between all global airports. 

“In today’s age, where volatility and uncertainty have become perpetual potential threats to the global supply chains, our customers are looking for agility and resilience that allows them to make quick decisions around the movement of their cargo across borders,” Maersk India, Middle East and Africa air freight head Darryl Judd says. 

“By booking with us, our customers get instant prices and the transparency that allows them to make informed decisions.” 

The platform also allows Maersk’s customers to book cargo movement from any of its 70,000 airport pairings that it covers across more than 90 countries. 

“Today, manufacturing has truly diversified with global value chains,” Judd says. 

“We are noticing that customers sitting in one part of the world need to move raw material from origin to destination without being at either of the locations.  

“Our digital air freight solution allows them to make such bookings seamlessly.” 

Maersk says its air freight solutions offer cargo movements from most of India’s international airports. Its integrated logistics solutions also allow cargo movement to and from 80 per cent of India’s postal/ZIP codes. 

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