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Mack marks centenary with commemorative range

Special-edition Super-Liner and Trident models on offer

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Mack Trucks Australia has released two limited-edition trucks to celebrate the centenary of the bulldog brand in Australia.

The trucks, a Super-Liner and Trident, will be available for purchase by customers until the 100-truck allocation is exhausted.

Revealed at a recent customer event, the two gold bulldog models are part of Mack’s 100 Years Celebrations.  

They were presented in green and gold, a nod to Mack’s Australian-made status, building trucks in Australia since 1963.

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Mack Trucks Australia vice president Dean Bestwick says Mack Trucks is the longest-serving truck brand in Australia and has long been synonymous with durability and reliability.

“Mack is one of the most iconic transport brands in the world, so it’s only right that such a special milestone be celebrated with such special trucks. I think it is a great opportunity for our passionate customers to own a piece of Mack history.”

Mack trucks arrived in Australia in 1919, with the first bulldog, an AC Model used in World War I, landing shortly after the commencement of the Great War.

“Mack Trucks were counted on when Australia needed tough trucks to get the tough jobs done, and in this way we remember those first ever bulldogs,” Bestwick says.

“We are proud of our history and want to showcase that for all to see, with an eye to the future using innovative technology in each of these models.”

While the Limited Edition range is to commemorate Mack’s heritage and history in Australia, “the trucks are anything but heritage models”, the company notes.

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Fitted with Mack’s 685hp MP10 engine in the Super-Liner and 535hp MP8 engine in the Trident and the mDRIVE automated manual transmission, the two models are also available with Mack’s active safety technology.

“Owning one of these trucks won’t be like owning any recently developed Mack, however, with special features added to commemorate the uniqueness of each truck,” the company adds.

Each truck will have unique 100 years identification insignia, inside and out, as well as luxurious cabin fittings, an owners’ kit, a larger grille, and illuminated lights to highlight Mack’s branding, among many more features.

Each truck will be identifiable by a number between 1 and 100 to signify which special edition truck it is.

The 100 Years Limited Edition trucks fit with Mack’s tradition of special edition anniversary models, following on from the latest Southern Cross Limited Edition range in 2013, the Centennial Limited Edition in 2000, and the 1988 Bicentennial Limited Edition Super-Liner.

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