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LRTAV in impassioned truck facilities plea

Association asks livestock supply chain to consider workers’ necessities


The cold snap felt around Victoria in recent weeks has prompted the Livestock and Rural Transporters Association of Victoria (LRTAV) to call for the provision of improved facilities for workers facing deteriorating weather conditions in winter.

With temperatures seldom reaching double-digit maximums in some areas, the association has put out a statement “reminding policy makers, bureaucrats and those in our supply chain how important basic human needs are to our members”.

“All over Victoria some of our livestock members are transporting sheep or cattle or pigs or other livestock,” it continues.

“Others will be cleaning tippers or other trailers or equipment.

“If they are fortunate there will be a truck wash at their destination or close by.

“And if they are even luckier, there will be a hot shower at that location.

“But many won’t have one.

“Even with wet weather gear, they will be cold, wet and covered in effluent.”

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The association continues by asking those in the livestock supply chain to consider how their own welfare would be affected by adverse weather conditions and inadequate facilities.

“We ask all of our supply chain, would you want to be wet and cold on a day like today?

“Transporters need truck washes but they need access to a hot clean shower too.

“This isn’t a luxury, this is a basic necessity.

“And truck washes aren’t free, users pay an average of $1 per minute to use them!

“Imagine having to change out of your wet clothes into dry ones in public next to your truck?

LRTAV adds that such is the reality for many its members on a daily basis, with no shower or toilet facilities to provide basic levels of privacy or comfort.

“These basic shower facilities would also assist the hard-working staff, agents and drovers at saleyards and processing sites.

“Thanks to all those sites that are working on this for our members or already provide good facilities, but we need more truck washes and a hot shower and toilet at every site our members deliver livestock to.

“For those of our members out working today, LRTAV will keep working on this and other issues that are the most basic but of utmost importance.”


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