Triple rejection of Melbourne hoarding export claim

Freightnet International and Victorian police label social media post as false

Triple rejection of Melbourne hoarding export claim
The claim is dismissed as being false


Melbourne freight forwarding and logistics firm Freightnet International is fending off a potentially damaging online attack with the help of Victorian Police and Australian Federal Police (AFP).

In a Facebook (FB) post shared close to 100,000 times since Friday, accusations of hoarding of essential goods – baby formula, toilet paper and hand sanitiser – for transport to China are aired, with implications for public and racial disorder.

Along with a furious response from Freightnet International, the police stance is unequivocal.

Victorian Police takes to twitter to air its response.

"We are aware of a social media post being shared claiming a freight company was stockpiling food and sanitary items in a Footscray factory for overseas export," the force says.

"Police have spoken to the company and found these claims to be false."

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Freightnet points to reputational and business damage arising from the accusations.

"We 100% refute this," it says in a statement.

"A person can fabricate a story, badly damage our reputation and at face value, people don’t question this (some do) and take it as truth and we are automatically seen as a villain. We will be seeking legal avenues as this FB post has damaged our brand / our company our livelihood.

"I cannot stress enough that the post is a lie, it is factually incorrect but saddens me more that people will take it as truth without any research or fact.

"We are facing unprecedented times, worldwide and to have this lie circulating when people are going without day to day necessities, the response is understandable (people should be concerned IF this was the case) but the fact of the matter, it is wrong.

"We are seeking legal advice but our brand has been badly damaged. Nick and Steve can be contacted Monday if you wish to discuss further. Feel free to update FB that this is a hoax…

"All business is undertaken subject to the company’s Standard Trading Conditions, which may limit or exclude the company’s liability and contain warranties and/or indemnities benefiting the company, copies of which are available on request. All prices exclude marine insurance which we can arrange upon request.

Victoria Police has been contacted for news on the likelihood of any further action regarding the post.

The AFP Fact Check item can be found here

Note: in the original news item, ATN incorrectly identified AFP Fact Check as being part of Australian Federal Police. It is in fact part of French news agency AFP.


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