ARTIO NSW broadens range with customs brokers

Industrial award and WHS advisory services in the mix

ARTIO NSW broadens range with customs brokers
Paul Damkjaer


The Australian Road Transport Industrial Organisation NSW Branch (ARTIO NSW) and the Customs Brokers and Forwarders Council of Australia (CBFCA) have reached an agreement whereby ARTIO NSW will provide information related to workplace law.

In a joint statement, CBFCA CEO Paul Damkjaer and ARTIO NSW secretary/treasurer,Hugh McMaster, say that under the agreement ARTIO NSW will provide CBFCA with information on changes to Modern Awards, under which employees of customs brokers and freight forwarders are engaged, the outcome of significant court decisions related to workplace law as well as information related to work health and safety risks associated with the road transport and storage sectors.

The CBFCA’s currently does not keep its members informed of changes in Modern Awards.

"ARTIO NSW’s capability in this area and related areas fills a gap in CBFCA’s service offering and will add value to CBFCA membership," Damkjaer says.

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McMaster says that providing information, advice and, where appropriate, representation to its Members in the road freight industry in areas related to workplace relations is core business to ARTIO NSW.

"ARTIO NSW is recognised under both Federal and NSW workplace law as a registered organisation which gives it standing as a representative of employers and principal contractors before industrial tribunals," he says.

He believes ARTIO NSW can meet the expectations of CBFCA and its members in ensuring they understand their obligations under relevant awards and other industrial instruments.

Damkjaer says the agreement as it stands is confined to the provision of information by ARTIO NSW.

"CBFCA will consider the totality of the needs of its members in determining whether to broaden its service offering to include the provision of advice and legal representation in areas related to workplace law," he notes.


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