Dardoumbas joins Cohesio consultancy

Former Toll business development GM to lead new supply chain consultancy

Dardoumbas joins Cohesio consultancy
The supply chain consultancy will devise manual, semi-automated and automated warehouse solutions for customers.


Former general manager of retail and consumer business development for Toll Group Arthur Dardoumbas will lead a new consultancy within Cohesio Group, focusing on supply chain strategy and intralogistics solutions.

Dardoumbas says the new branch of the broader consulting group, to be known as Cohesio 360º Supply Chain Consulting, will look at the entire supply chain to help tailor strategies and solutions for customers.

"We evaluate every link in our customers’ chain from global network design, to assessing options for the internal operational solution, determining the appropriate technology, identifying the property requirements and modelling the commercial and operational scenarios to ensure a successful outcome – we leave no stone unturned," he says.

"Australia’s logistics industry has one of the highest labour and property costs in the world.  We simply won’t be able to remain competitive if we don’t review how we can use our labour and footprint more productively and effectively."

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Cohesio Group CEO Nishan Wijemanne says the group will not use a one-size-fits-all approach, instead working to design manual, semi-automated and fully automated warehouse solutions to problems – working with customers to determine which combination of these works best.

"Our customers’ needs will all be different and we’ll dedicate our time to learning the specific intricacies and idiosyncrasies of your business," Wijemanne says.

The launch of the division comes after Cohesio Group, formerly Voice Interface Design, entered a partnership with Chinese robotics company Geek+ that will see automated guidance vehicles (AGVs) deployed in Australian warehouses.

Wijemanne says the collaboration will see AGVs used for item picking, moving and sorting, with the aim of streamlining warehouse operations.

"For example, a traditional goods-to-person deployment system would cost $15-20 million+," he says.

"With the advanced navigation and pick-and-move capabilities of the AGVs this could drop to anywhere from $1-3 million."

The AGV devices to be used are capable of moving a 1,000kg load and operating in temperatures as low as -30 degrees Celsius.

Geek+ also says the AGVs can be deployed and integrated with existing warehouse management software within three to six months, minimising operational transition.


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