Online option for uTenant warehouse leasing

Tenant-focused list curation a feature of site dubbed 'AirBnB for warehouse leasing'.

Online option for uTenant warehouse leasing
uTenant director Matt Sampson


Can an online platform its creator is comparing with Uber and Airbnb shake up the warehouse leasing industry? At least two different groups are saying yes.

Former commercial leasing agent Matt Sampson says his new online platform, uTenant, will offer tenants a cost-effective alternative to commercial agents by streamlining the process of finding, inspecting and leasing warehouse space.

The website curates a tailored list of legitimate properties for a tenant based on their specified requirements, from which the tenants arrange inspections and further negotiations directly with the landlord.

Because uTenant is completely confidential there is no risk of tenant names and warehousing requirements being disclosed to the market and competing agents, which could reveal sensitive information to their competitors, Sampson says.

"Landlords will only pay a fee when their property is successfully leased, and because uTenant’s fee structure is typically lower than traditional agencies, landlords will generally always be in front," Sampson says.

"All landlords are on a level playing field with our standardised national fee structure which creates transparency for the tenants when reviewing options."

The site will also share a percentage of the fee with the tenant once the space has been leased – in all states but New South Wales.

Sampson says the platform will also help boost the visibility of properties, helping landlords to source tenants and lease space quicker and more cheaply – as well as providing new opportunities to lease short-term surplus and overflow space.


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