CMS launches Freight 2020 upgrade

Freight 2020 users can access new services after CMS works with Progress

CMS launches Freight 2020 upgrade
CMS Transport Systems general manager Grant Walmsley

Transport management software company CMS Transport Systems has rolled out a new software package to help its customers better protect their data, developed together with US software developer Progress.

The new software is an expansion to CMS’s Freight 2020, a software package that integrates operations management with financial accounting, fleet maintenance and workforce management.

Freight 2020 was built on the OpenEdge software package developed by Progress, with CMS general manager Grant Walmsley saying the company had helped them to build Freight 2020 to where it is today – where it is used by over 130 corporations.

"Through our new services offering provided by Progress, we are now able to grow our business beyond our core technology," he says.

Developed by Progress, the new software will enable customers using Freight 2020 to access OpenEdge services such as Managed Database Administration.

The upgrade is already paying off for one user – SRT Logistics – which has moved to upgrade its systems after its auxiliary data was infected by a crypto virus.

SRT general manager of finance and IT Leigh Cripps said the company had implemented the new OpenEdge Replication Plus system, which he says provides near real-time, continuous data duplication to ensure uptime of our databases and applications.

"Now, with the infrastructure that we have in place, we firmly believe that we’ve covered as much as possible and we can protect the integrity of our customers’ stock," he said.

The news is one of the first major upgrades of the Freight 2020 package announced since CMS was acquired by larger Australian logistics software company WiseTech Global last year.

WiseTech is set to announce its results for the first half of the 2018 financial year later this week. 


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