Hays finds fleet controllers to be in demand

Supply chain companies looking for candidates with operations and management experience

Hays finds fleet controllers to be in demand
Report notes an increased demand for candidates with HR or HC licence.


Fleet controllers, export/import coordinators, and store persons with inventory management software experience will be in high demand in 2018, a new study states.

The latest Hays Jobs Report, covering January to June 2018, notes that transport and supply chain companies will be looking for candidates "who have a strong knowledge of systems and processes, combined with a proven track record in reducing costs and achieving demanding KPIs".

The report outlines the current hotspots of skills in demand:

"Store persons with inventory management software experience will be in high demand this half in businesses that require inventory management and the completion of stores work," it notes.

"Export/import coordinators with cargo software knowledge are another area of demand. Employers want candidates with industry-specific knowledge so that they can hit the ground running.

"Fleet controllers with wharf experience are in high demand, especially for night shifts where the ability to work autonomously, at pace and manage a large number of drivers within a reactive environment is crucial to success.

"Demand and supply planners with FMCG experience are highly sought after given the fast paced nature of the role and the high level of attention to detail that is required. A strong underpinning ERP skill set is also valued.

"Experience in purchasing will also be required. There are businesses that do not want to increase their headcount significantly but instead prefer to employ one candidate who is experienced in inventory management as well as the procurement of inventory.

"Candidates with knowledge of inventory management software such as ERP and SAP will remain highly sought after."

The logistics sector is seeing an increased demand for candidates with a heavy-rigid (HR) or heavy combination (HC) licence.

"Such candidates can complete local and state-wide deliveries using HR or HC trucks," the report notes.

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