Australia Post trials robotic parcel delivery in Brisbane

By: Anjali Behl

Delivery robot on the job in Brisbane. Delivery robot on the job in Brisbane. Delivery robot on the job in Brisbane.

Company is testing an autonomous delivery system for a four-week period


Australia Post is currently trying out a new robotic system for parcel deliveries in Brisbane.

The four-week trial involves an autonomous robot making parcel deliveries to homes outside of business hours.

The purpose of the trial is to gauge the practicality of introducing an autonomous delivery system to improve last-mile delivery following a surge in e-commerce, a company spokesperson tells ATN.

"The small-scale, isolated trial will explore if there is customer demand to receive after hour deliveries via a mobile parcel locker," the spokesperson says.

‘Billy the Box’, the name of the robot used in the trial, currently accompanies an Australia Post delivery person as it carries parcels to the residents of Brisbane’s New Farm area.

Registered customers are required to specify their preferred delivery time during the trial period.

Once the robot reaches the destination, customers receive a text message with a code to unlock the parcel locker.

The robot can currently hold only one parcel at a time, which is already making critics speculate the cost-effectiveness of the system.

Australia Post remains tight-lipped about the progress of the trial, which has attracted questioning media commentary.

With more than two weeks left before the trial ends, it is "still early days" to discuss the project in further detail, the spokesperson says.

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