Delivery startup Passel begins operations

Three-hour delivery service offered to Pookipoiga customers in Melbourne

Delivery startup Passel begins operations
Hughes expects Passel to be operating out of most of Melbourne’s major retail precincts and shopping centres in time for Christmas.


Crowdsourced delivery service provider Passel has launched its service in Melbourne with a new partnership with a local store.

The new deal means Pookipoiga, a small Richmond-based retailer, customers in Melbourne will have access to Passel’s three-hour delivery service.

Passel's delivery platform will bank upon an existing network of local driver to deliver goods within three hours of purchase.

Each ‘passer’ will receive a $10 electronic gift voucher to the store of their choice once the item has been delivered and receipt is confirmed.

Passel co-founder and CEO Marshall Hughes, who made the inaugural delivery, says he is delighted with the collaboration with Pookipoiga.

"Pookipoiga is a perfect client to work with," Hughes says.

"They are acutely aware of the likes of international giants such as Amazon and know that it is not enough just to compete by offering more of the same.

"Affordable three-hour delivery sets a new benchmark for Australian retailers".

Until now, Pookipoiga staff had either relied on the post or, in some cases, actually delivering the products by hand.

"Passel is efficient and able to convey messages personally with locals. They have the ability to make the delivery experience memorable" Pookipoiga founder Sree Nellerichal says.

"A lot of our customers are buying last-minute gifts.

"Previously, we know they have chosen not to buy because we can’t deliver until the next day, or even after the weekend.

"Who doesn’t want to provide exceptional value and a variety of options to customers?"

For the next few days Pookipoiga will offer free three-hour delivery between 10am and 6pm if customers chose Passel as their delivery carrier.

"Pookipoiga is about quirky, social, local, natural and sustainable stories throughout our products and the things we do, so Passel fits nicely with our ethics as it is very local, quirky and have a sustainable and social side to them," Nellerichal says.

Passel has a number of retailers ready to launch and expects to be operating out of most of Melbourne’s major retail precincts and shopping centres in time for Christmas.

"Passel’s service is ideally suited to retailers in high traffic areas who want to benefit both from converting more online sales and then from drawing new customers into their stores," Hughes says.

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