Port of Geelong announces new brand strategy

Renewed strategy to help improve connection between port’s customers and their markets

Port of Geelong announces new brand strategy
GeelongPort chief executive Brett Winter at yesterday's event.


The Port of Geelong has unveiled a new brand logo and a renewed strategy that focuses on the future growth of the port.

The port strategy focuses on future growth and the port’s potential to offer its users "compelling reasons" to integrate operations with the Geelong region.

Announcing the new strategy and brand identity, chief executive Brett Winter says GeelongPort will look to be considered as "more than just a port of call".

Winter says the new logo is a symbol of GeelongPort’s enduring pursuit of prosperity for its customers, its people and the community.

The new strategy "will enable our customers to connect with their markets more effectively than ever before," Winter says.

"By 2035, the Port of Geelong is predicted to handle more than 18 million tonnes of imports and exports, generating 3,100 jobs and strengthening its position as a leading employer in the local region.

"Our rural regions rely on GeelongPort to help move key bulk and break bulk goods, including crude oil, petroleum products, chemicals, steel, woodchips, fertilisers and grains, without having to bear the brunt of costs associated with a capital city port."

"At GeelongPort, we see ourselves as custodians of a legacy stretching back more than a century to the formation of the Geelong Harbour Trust in 1905.

"We are all part of this legacy and we share the responsibility for carrying this forward, building upon the foundation that many before us have worked hard to create."

A recent economic impact study found that trade and employment in the Port of Geelong is forecast to increase by 50 per cent by 2035.

Winter says GeelongPort has land available to help drive these growth opportunities.

"We have capacity at Corio Quay and Lascelles Wharf that would give port users the excellent connectivity Geelong offers, including excellent access via road, rail, sea or air and a well-developed transport network with fast and efficient connectivity between Victoria’s two largest cities and beyond," he says.

The strategy document is currently under development and due to be printed in the coming months, a spokesperson for GeelongPort informs ATN.

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