Siemens snaps up WA rail tech firm MRX

MRX Technologies has rail systems that prove irresistible to global technology powerhouse

Siemens snaps up WA rail tech firm MRX
CEO Siemens Mobility Services CEO Johannes Emmelheinz, left, with MRX Technologies Group MD Jim Blair


Perth-headquartered international rail support company MRX Technologies is soon to be under Siemens’ control.

Purchase of the rail systems services firm with and office in the UK city of Derby should be completed early next months, according to the purchaser.

"By bringing MRX Technologies into the Siemens family we not only strengthen our capability and offering to the rail industry but we also have the ability to take that business to a global level," Siemens Australia and New Zealand CEO Jeff Connolly says.

"This acquisition makes a lot of sense in a time when digitalisation technologies are key to unlocking productivity gains – that is getting more out of existing rail infrastructure and adding intelligence to existing rail infrastructure.

"I’ve recently spent time at our hi-tech rail data services centre near Munich where customers in Russia, Bangkok, the UK and Spain to name a few are seeing incredible results through intelligent data. MRX Technologies is a home grown business that complements our existing data services business."

The global firm has form with picking up local innovations, such as Queensland’s vacuum circuit breaker Fusesaver, used to increase reliability of rural electricity networks.

Seen as a fit for Siemens’ predictive maintenance thrust, MRX’s Technologies offers digitalised condition monitoring of rolling stock components and rail infrastructure aimed at saving costs.

"The predictive maintenance of rolling stock and rail infrastructure is gaining importance as operators demand 100 per cent availability of their rolling stock and infrastructure, since failures cost money, cause delays and the annoyance of passengers, transport purchasers and freight customers," Siemens says.

"Rail operators are increasingly shifting responsibility for maintenance to the rolling stock manufacturers.

"As a result, orders for new rolling stock are often coupled with long-term maintenance contracts, at times extending to the end of the planned system lifecycle."

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